Monday, March 11, 2013

Summer Belongs to You

To quote the famous stepbrothers, Phineas and Ferb, "Summer Belongs to You."  In each episode they work towards their goal of having the best summer ever.  My twins were born prematurely last June and were in the hospital through August, so my entire summer was spent in the NICU.  Summer belonged to Women & Infants and visiting our babies.  This winter has seemed extra long with too many snow storms and frigid weather, coupled with the lack of summer last year, I'm ready for the warm weather to arrive!

One day a few weeks ago, my oldest was climbing off the walls and we were all suffering from cabin fever when I came up with an idea to keep him busy and bust our winter doldrums.  I proposed that we create a list of things we want to do once the nicer weather arrives.  (It was also part a sneaky plan help him to practice his writing!)  My only guideline was that it had to be something that we couldn't do in the cold weather.  He and I both came up with some ideas and my husband added to it when he came home that evening.  Since then, we've been adding things to our "list" and it helps to have some things to look forward to once we can begin wearing shorts and flip-flops again.

Right now, our Summer List is just on the pad that we started with.  Some of the ideas are one time things "fly a kite," while others, like "plant a garden," are long term projects.  I'm debating how to display these ideas and how to choose what to do.  Do I put the ideas on slip of paper in a jar to choose randomly?  Do I make a colorful list of all of our ideas and check them off as we go along?  I certainly have some time to decide, but I would like to have it ready sooner rather than later to remind us that the spring and summer will be here before we know it!

How are you and your family preparing for summer?

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