Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Date Night

I gave my husband a restaurant deal from Groupon for Christmas and we're finally using it tonight before it expires.  Between having 3 kids and him teaching two nights a week this semester, the past 3 months seem to have flown by.  For those of you that are Rhode Islanders, I know you're familiar with Federal Hill in Providence.  For anyone planning a visit to Rhode Island in the near future, be sure to visit Federal Hill while you're here!

Federal Hill is Providence's version of a "Little Italy" and the restaurants and shops will not disappoint you.  We're dining at an Italian restaurant, one of many there, but one of our favorites.  Our meal deal includes an appetizer, entrees and wine.  Of course as parents of 3 going out on a weeknight, we're going early and will most likely be home before our oldest goes to bed.  Hopefully the kids are all cooperative for Grammy and Pa because I've had 2 grumpy babies here today.

I'm looking forward to a rare night out with my husband and will share our thoughts on dinner with you soon!  If you're looking for more information on Federal Hill, visit the Federal Hill Commerce Association.  

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